As a Fitness Director and Trainer, I spend 8 plus hours a day at a Fitness Club. Therefore, the last thing I want to do on the weekend is head back to the club for my workout. This would take away time from my family and time from my already busy schedule traveling back and forth. But most importantly, I like to be outdoors for my workout whenever possible while challenging myself to come up with workouts that require little if any equipment staying true to my motto’s “No excuses!” Here is a quick, fun outdoor/indoor workout perfect for anyone with little time, no equipment and wants to be with family.

Perform 20 repetitions/20 Sets:

20 min run

3 x 20 lunges

3 x 20 jump squats

3 x 20 v-ups

3 x 20 bicep curls

3 x 20 dips

3 x 20 lateral raise

1 x 20 push ups

No excuses! If you don’t have any equipment yet, don’t fret! Be creative and substitute another exercise so you are still performing 20 full sets. For example, step ups, long jumps or skaters. These exercises require no equipment at all and get your heart pumping!


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