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Kettle Bell Drop 10

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Looking for a workout to challenge your whole body? Look no further than a kettle bell workout. These seemingly simple pieces of iron challenge even the most fit. While they can be a little intimidating since we are not use to “throwing” things around, with a little practice, anyone can use them. Best of all, you only need one for this fun and heart pumping workout. While this workout is highly challenging, you can tame it a bit by decreasing the reps, lightening the bell and even changing the moves if needed.

Complete 50 reps of the following Kettle Bell moves:

  • 50 alternating single arm kettle bell swings’
  • 50 kettle bell swings
  • 50 squat and press
  • 50 kettle bells cleans – 25 per arm
  • 50 kettle bell snatches – 25 per arm

Take a breather and then repeat dropping the reps to 40 each and so on!

“Park Course” Workout

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So I know we need rain, but I’m loving this amazing weather! There is nothing more motivating then good weather, it just makes me smile. Weather like this just calls you outside to be active. On days like this, I’d be hard pressed to step inside a gym when the best gym of all is right outside my door. Plus, it gives me a chance to exercise my dog and hubby at the same time. Usually hubby watches me do my outside workout while he fetches Bella, but today I convinced him to join me in this fun outdoors circuit.

Like many newer parks, we were recently blessed with a park that not only has a beautiful playground and tennis courts, but has a cool workout circuit. Better yet, it is in walking/jogging distance from my house. This past Sunday morning, we leashed up Bella as always, laced up our tennis shoes and headed out for a morning of sweat and sun at our local park. While you may not have a park with a built in circuit, with a little imagination I’m sure you can create your own challenging circuit.

Warm up: 1 mile run around our local middle school track. After we jogged over to the park to start our “Park Course” Workout.

We completed the following circuit 3x through, resting only if needed to keep our heart rate up and burn maximum calories.


Abdominal Leg Lifts x 30

Reverse Pull ups x 20 (The lower the bar, the more challenging)

Body weight dips x to failure (If these are too advanced, do dips off of a bench)

Step up repeaters (stay on one leg for 15 and then switch legs)

The Multitasking Workout

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I approach everything I do with a strategy. Blame it on my type A personality, limited time or simply my disdain for wasting time, who knows? Working out is no different. Even though I work full time in at a gym, I still have very limited time to workout. Contrary to what many people think, trainers do not workout with their clients. We have to find our own time to get our workout in just like everyone else.

Being a super busy mom with endless responsibilities, I sometimes find it hard to get a workout in. The weekends are no different. This is my only time to get my house in order, grocery shop, menu plan, write and spend quality time with my family. Therefore, when it comes to weekend workouts, I often choose a “Multitasking” workout. In other words, I combine my chores with my exercise for one powerful, get it done workout.

I know that many see cleaning house as a workout on it’s own, but I believe if that was really the case, we would all just clean our house and skip the workout altogether. This workout will leave you with a clean house, a great workout and probably a little breathless at times.

The Multitasker Workout:

I started with a 1 mile run with Bella at our local middle school followed by some extra fetching for Bella. Now she is exercised!

For the rest of my workout, I will do 1 cleaning task followed by a set of a strength move or “cardio blast.” Here’s what my circuit looked like, although you can choose whatever exercises you want.

  • 30 v-ups (I used a med ball for an extra challenge)
  • Put away clean dishes.
  • Lateral raises with dumbbells.
  • Clean kitchen counters.
  • Upright row with dumbbells.
  • Clean kitchen sink.
  • 20 jump squats.
  • Put first load of laundry in.
  • Lateral raises with dumbbells.
  • Dust downstairs.
  • 20 burpees.
  • Vacuum formal living and dining room.
  • Bent over heavy row.
  • Sort and recycle old magazines.
  • Band bicep curl – to failure.
  • 20 burpees.
  • Vacuum family room and kitchen.
  • 20 push ups.
  • Steam mop family room and kitchen.
  • Jumps squats.
  • Put second load of laundry in.
  • Clean bathroom #1.

Okay, I haven’t even gotten to upstairs and between the cleaning and my sets, I’ve worked up a sweat and my house is sparkling downstairs! So you see how multitasking can “kill two birds with one stone?” So don’t make the excuse that you don’t have time to exercise. Next time just double up and get it done! Now onto my upstairs…Feel the burn!


“Let It Rain” Workout

rear plank

So we have finally been blessed with rain. Given the desperate need for water, I welcome every drop and embrace the challenge of bringing my weekend outdoor workout inside. No excuses here! In fact, the idea of moving my coffee table aside, fighting with my dog for floor space and utilizing little, if any, equipment as the rain pounds the roof is a nice change. Here’s what I came up with today for this wonderfully wet Sunday.

I started out with the “300 Rep Challenge” posted in Men’s Health Magazine ( by my hero and fitness extraordinaire, Todd Durkin. I will use this as my warm-up (I know it’s a doozy of a warm-up, but do your best!) Time yourself doing the following. My time was 5:33. Let me know your time!

After my warm up, I completed the following circuits for 3 sets each. If you don’t have any equipment, use your creativity to come up with a modification. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to fitness. Just do your best!

Circuit #1

  • Steps ups x 15 (I used an old kids step and set of 8 lb. dumbbells to challenge myself.)
  • Reverse alternating lunge with bicep curl x 20 (Again, I used dumbbells but you can go without or grab a can of soup.)
  • Skaters x 30

Circuit # 2

  • Plank with rear fly (I used an 8 lb. dumbbell. However, this is a challenging move and is quite effective with no weight.)
  • Dumbbell shoulder press x 15 (I used 20 lb. dumbbells because I have them and this is my strong area. Use something heavy sitting around your house if you don’t own weights.)
  • V-ups Abs (I used a 10 lb. med ball to make it more challenging but these are plenty challenging with no ball.)

Remember, weather is no excuses to not get your workout in. Be creative, do your best and have fun!

20/20 Workout


As a Fitness Director and Trainer, I spend 8 plus hours a day at a Fitness Club. Therefore, the last thing I want to do on the weekend is head back to the club for my workout. This would take away time from my family and time from my already busy schedule traveling back and forth. But most importantly, I like to be outdoors for my workout whenever possible while challenging myself to come up with workouts that require little if any equipment staying true to my motto’s “No excuses!” Here is a quick, fun outdoor/indoor workout perfect for anyone with little time, no equipment and wants to be with family.

Perform 20 repetitions/20 Sets:

20 min run

3 x 20 lunges

3 x 20 jump squats

3 x 20 v-ups

3 x 20 bicep curls

3 x 20 dips

3 x 20 lateral raise

1 x 20 push ups

No excuses! If you don’t have any equipment yet, don’t fret! Be creative and substitute another exercise so you are still performing 20 full sets. For example, step ups, long jumps or skaters. These exercises require no equipment at all and get your heart pumping!


Nifty Fifty!


Only have a quick 30 minutes for your workout today? No problem. This fast and furious workout will burn max calories in little time. I call it the “Nifty Fifty!” I had several of my clients do it today and the best time was 20:40. Think you can beat it? Then get started! There is nothing better than a little “Friendly competition” after all. Let me know your time!

Perform 50 repetitions of the following 10 exercises as fast as your can. Time yourself and no cheating!

  • Burpees
  • Step ups (25 per leg)
  • pull ups (on assisted pull up or with band if needed)
  • push ups
  • v-ups
  • Hyper extensions
  • walking lunges (total)
  • jump squats (feet must leave the floor)
  • triceps dips off bench
  • skaters (touch the floor)

Give it your all!