So I recently started training a lovely young mother who came to me wanting to lose quite a lot of weight. Not unusual. I meet people all the time who want to lose weight, have lost themselves in their busy lives, have put everyone else first and themselves last. Not unusual, but common for women.

I’ve only met with her once, but right away I could tell she was serious and was excited to start her journey. While she can only train with me one time per week, she was obviously no less serious than someone training three times per week and quickly began to ask for my assistance, guidance and motivation with regards to food, cardio and exercise on her own. I’m happy to oblige.

Like with most clients, I asked her to simply track her food for the week so that she can see what she is actually consuming. In her excitement, she not only tracked her food, but began to really pay attention to how much she is consuming and restrict her calories. While I believe in “baby steps” and not over restricting, I supported her efforts and will continue to offer my assistance. She’s eager and I don’t want to squash her efforts in any shape or form.

One of the best parts of my job (there are many) is when a client discovers something on their own that I know will aide them in their journey. Because things only really make sense when you experience it on your own right? Therefore, I was delighted when this new client described a weekend outing where she went out to dinner and drinks and “was impressed that she could be completely satisfied, have wine abs not completely destroy her hard work.” In other words, she made it about the experience, not the food.

I’ve been preaching this message for years! In a world where “food is king,” we put too much focus on food and not enough on what really counts, like the outing itself, the company we are in and the activity we are engaged in. Therefore, I was delighted to hear one of my clients get this all on their own. She realized that she could still have a great time without over indulging.

If you want to be successful when it comes to meeting your health and fitness goals, check your priorities and don’t leg food rule you. Food is only as powerful as you allow it to be. However, if you totally deny yourself, you will likely give in and over indulge. Therefore, you for good, not perfection on the food front, allow yourself to be human and most importantly, make social situations about the people, not the food.

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