I just returned from the World Fitness Convention in LA. As a fitness professional, it is by far one of the most favorite things I do all year long. It motivates, inspires and most importantly recharges me to be the best I can be. Life is hard and even the best of us gets tired, bored, unmotivated and stale. Therefore, I make it a personal goal to find ways to keep me fresh and motivated. In other words, I find ways to “fuel my fitness.”

Being a fan of words, I love the phrase, “fuel your fitness.” It’s short and to the point, while still having I so much meaning. It’s speaks to fueling your fitness in a physical and mental sense. Let’s face it, in order to be truly fit, you must have both of these things. The right fuel for your body and the right motivation for your mind.

So if you have been working on getting fit for a while, then you have probably figured out how important the right fuel is. If you are struggling to meet your goals, then you are probably lacking in this department. Without making this blog about food, let’s just say “food is king.” If your diet isn’t right, then your goal is not in sight! In other words, you can work out like a freak but you will never realize your full potential until your get your diet in line.

Again without making this particular blog about diet, (I’ll do that in a future blog or you can read past blogs) one of the best things you can do if you are really lost in the diet department is track your food. Most people think they are eating healthier then they really are. Putting it down on paper or better yet on your computer or other device will put things in perspective. Numbers don’t lie! Want to know where you really stand with regards to calories, protein etc. then track it. My favorite tool is a free app called myfitnesspal.com

As important as your food is, if your not motivated then it will feel like you are “stuck in quicksand!” Fueling your fitness is about finding your passion. What is driving you to be fit? What type of activity inspires and motivates you?

I competed in my last figure completion in 2012 and people often wonder if I’m preparing for another and if not, why not? Well the truth is, while I enjoy the process of getting ready for competition, I don’t exactly enjoy the actual competition. It is expensive, stressful, scary and time intensive. What I found is that I love working out to look my best, but I don’t exactly need to show off my hard work. As outgoing as I am, I’m not comfortable in 5 inch heels and a tiny bikini on stage. However, I never say never, so if I feel inspired in the future, watch out!

The bottom line is that you need to find what motivates and inspires you and then run with it. If working out with a partner motivates you, then find a great gym buddy. If competition is your thing, then “get your game face on!” If reading about fitness inspires you, then read on. Whatever it is, find it and go with it. If you are feeling uninspired, then look for inspiration. If you really want to “fuel your fitness,” just look around you because inspiration is everywhere and here for the taking for those that are motivated to get fit and be better.

Following my fitness convention I’m fired up to get back to my “lean and mean” physique. While I work out more than the average person, I know I can do better and therefore am re-evaluating what’s next for me. Not wanting to let my new found enthusiasm slip away, I’ve already found a new workout partner to add intensity to my workouts (It’s fun working out with others that share your intensity!,) I’ve also added an extra day with my trainer, I’ve re-evaluated my diet (I’ve been a little lax this summer) and I’m working hard to rehab my tennis elbow so I can move my tennis game up to the next level.

If you want to “fuel your fitness” too, then I challenge you to take out a paper and pencil and jot down some ways to move your fitness to the next level. You don’t have to come up with several things like I did (I’m a little type A that way!,) just come up with one positive change. Join a local Boot Camp, add another day of cardio, take a Zumba class. Whatever gets you excited and gets you moving – just do it!

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