So I was out on my evening run/walk with Bella (my chocolate lab) when I had to take a detour through our local middle school due to a baseball practice on the track. I came across a couple of young girls that had stepped out of their activity in the gymnasium. They were dressed in spandex onesies. I asked the petite girl, all of 13 if she was playing a basketball game hearing the cheers from inside the building. She said “no, we are wresting.” Surprised by her answer I said “oh, that’s great, I didn’t know they have girls wresting!” Furthermore, “they didn’t have girls wresting when I was young.” She quickly responded, “well why not, anyone knows that girls can pound anyone like a pancake just as good as a boy!”

While I have boys, if I had had a girl, this would be her! Sassy, assertive and strong!  In fact, if you were to ask me if I live by any mantras in life I’d say many, and one of them is “Girls Rock!” And when I see girls like this little “spitfire,” I feel that all is good in the world. As we become more educated and enlightened as a society, our girls are reaping the benefits. Moms and Dads are realizing that they are only doing their daughters a favor my raising them to be strong, independent and assertive.

Girls were not meant to just do soft, quiet, pretty activities. Life isn’t soft, quiet and/or pretty. If you want anything in life, you need to go out and get it, especially as a girl. Girls that participate in sports, working out and other competitive activities are more confident, outspoken and strong. And luckily, their parents and society in general is realizing and supporting this.

As a trainer, I’ve had the privilege of training some amazing young girls over the years. Several for specific sports such as competitive cheer-leading, soccer and lacrosse and many for just overall fitness. Young girls not only want to look good, they want to feel good and be strong. As parents, we have a responsibility to help our kids develop into strong, healthy and fit people that will grow up and have a good base of behaviors that will help them live long productive lives.

So how can you help your girls develop qualities that will help them live life to fullest?  Well first off, think outside the box. When you think of activities, don’t just think ones ones that girls would typically engage. Think sports, competition, challenges and things that boys typically do. You never know, it might just be there “cup of tea.” And when people choose their own activities and really enjoy them, they are more likely to continue them, excel in them and flat out love them!

Some ideas for girls activities:

  • Youth Boot Camp
  • Running race
  • Circuit training
  • Mud run
  • Cycling club
  • Trail running club
  • Team sports
  • Hiking
  • Water sports
  • Triathlon club

So if you want your girls to to be strong and confident, get them up and moving and support them in anything and everything even if it is a little “out of the box.” Because girls rule the world!

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