So today was just one of those days. You know, the ones where the knocks just keep coming. Nothing comes easy. Tasks that are usually easy and automatic are a struggle. Technology is not cooperating making work task impossible, time is limited, hours are long, teens are challenging patience and on top of all of it, I’m hungry!

As with all days, I have my workout written into my planner because if it wasn’t, it wouldn’t get done. I’m only human after all. However, even with my best organization skills and planning, a workout on a day like this seems daunting at best. I mean, I already feel beat up by my day! Can I really handle a trainer “putting me through the ringer?” Or the real question, can he really handle me in “all my glory?”

It’s days like this that I remember what I would tell my clients, just do it! While you may feel bad going into a workout, I guarantee you that you will feel better when it is all over. Workouts allow you to get out of your head and into your body. They help you blow off steam, put things in perspective and focus on something other than what you’ve been stressing about. They refresh, revive and rejuvenate your body and soul! So the next time you want to bow out of a workout, do yourself a favor and workout.

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