With valentines day just around the corner I’m reflecting on all of the love in my life, my beautiful children, loving and supportive husband and how I will show them how much I love them. With life as crazy busy as it is, the demands of parenthood and expectations on our children we can get caught up in the little day to day stuff and forget about the bigger picture.

I was just catching up with my mother in law the other day through email, updating her on all the happenings in our life; kids, job stuff etc. when she said “well, I hope you are taking time to recharge!” I thought to myself, what’s that? The only time I recharge is during the short 5-6 hours I sleep each night. Yes, I’m guilty of being a “type A” workaholic!¬† The worst part about¬† not taking time to recharge is that I truly believe that it is essential to being a good wife, mother and most importantly, the best me!

Let’s face it, as women we “hold all the cards” when it comes to raising a family. We are “house managers,” cook and “bottle washer,” caregivers, organizers, chauffeurs, counselors, lovers, mommy and peacemakers. We do it all and more, often with little recognition, appreciation or rest. So you better believe that we need to recharge! If we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of everyone else?

I am constantly witness to women who give it all to others and leave nothing for themselves. Their whole identity is tied to their kids and husband. They don’t have their own hobbies, passions or dreams. If they do, they certainly aren’t living them. At some point, their tanks are going to run out if gas! And when their kids are grown and gone and they are worn down and tired, what will they do?

Listen to me when I say, you deserve to have a life. In fact, you deserve to have a great life. And the better your life, the better your families life. So take time to recharge and follow your passions. Find something you love and do it. Want to learn how to ballroom dance? Do it, always wanted to learn how to cycle? Join a local cycle club.

While it may seem to my mother in law family and friends that I don’t take time to recharge because I’m always going a hundred miles a minute, I do. My “recharging” just might look different than others. I am am writer, cook, decorator, scrapbooker, competitor and athlete. I love to exercise, craft, DIY and dance. While I may not spend time at the spa or shopping, I always make sure to do things that I enjoy, that feed my soul and I’m passionate about.

Want to be the best wife and mother you can be? Then find your passion and go for it! And remember, what recharges one person doesn’t alway recharge another so don’t feel pressure to follow the crowd. Find what speaks to you. My challenge to you over the next week is to find an activity that is all about you. One that you are doing for pure enjoyment, self growth and relaxation. One that speaks to you and helps you recharge. I’m going to put on my boxing gloves and get back to boxing, how about you?

Give yourself and your family the best gift of all this Valentines. Love yourself enough to take time for yourself and be the best you can be!

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