Ingredient: 100% Egg Whites

Quinoa and Goat cheese Breakfast cups

egg white muffins

I always start my day off with a big dose of clean protein and egg whites are my “go to” breakfast. However, they can get a bit old as they tend to be on the bland side. Therefore, I’m always looking for ways to “spice them up!” These little breakfast cups are super healthy and totally yummy.

Ham and Aspargus Mini Quiche Cups

egg white cups

I love egg whites! While most want the yolk, I’ve grown used to and quite fond of all whites due their incredible purity, high protein and low calories. I use them in place of whole eggs as much as possible and they are my go to food for breakfast and when I want to trim down. You can eat a lot of them without a lot of calories, what could be better? This recipe makes a yummy “quiche” without all the bad stuff. Better yet, the muffin size helps with portion control and is easy to eat.