Ingredient: red pepper

Italian Roasted Potatoes and Vegtables


As with most families, we often can’t seem to agree on what to eat. I prefer a vegetable side dish and my husband of course prefers a less figure friendly side dish such as potatoes or pasta. Since I don’t want to spend hours making multiple dishes but want to make everyone happy, I love this dish! I combine red potatoes, peppers, squash and some Italian seasonings to create a dish that is sure to make everyone happy!

Easy and Healthy Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Caccitore

With an Italian husband, we eat a lot of “Italian inspired food.” However, as a FitChick, I stay clear of the pasta so I can stay free of unwanted calories. I love any and all chicken dishes because they are cheap, high in nutrients and family friendly. This recipe is a family favorite due to it’s easy preparation, “One Pot Wonder” power and awesome leftovers. I of course serve it with pasta because my hubby and kids can handle the pasta.

Greek Kale Salad

greek kale salad
So like everyone, I get stuck on different foods and want to eat them all the time. This past summer, I became a fan of Kale for many reasons. First, it's super healthy and second, it's very versatile. You can throw it into soups, and casseroles, blend it, bake it into chips or make a tasty salad out of it. My favorite salad is from the Nugget, a Mediterranean Kale salad that packs a punch. I decided to create my own version of this salad since it's unlikely they will give me their recipe. Enjoy!