Ingredient: salt and pepper

Quinoa and Goat cheese Breakfast cups

egg white muffins

I always start my day off with a big dose of clean protein and egg whites are my “go to” breakfast. However, they can get a bit old as they tend to be on the bland side. Therefore, I’m always looking for ways to “spice them up!” These little breakfast cups are super healthy and totally yummy.

Brad’s Spaghetti

Brad's Spaghetti

The first date that I ever had with my husband over 24 years ago was a homemade meal at his house. I remember it clearly. He plopped a big steak and some canned corn on my plate and asked if I wanted some ketchup. Romantic right? Well, I thought it was. That is about the most cooking he has done over the passed 24 plus years with the exception of his one and only signature meal, spaghetti. It is a family recipe passed down from his mom who isn’t  much of a cook herself although she makes some tasty dishes.

However, in fairness my husband never really needed to cook because I love to and his mom always made sure he had something to eat. He’s a simple man with “meat and potato” taste who happened to marry a women who loves to cook. In fact, if you ask him why he married me, he’d probably say “because she’s a great cook!”

While I love to cook and do the majority of cooking, that doesn’t mean that I don’t think that a husband shouldn’t be able and willing to cook. Due to my hectic schedule I often have “fend for yourself nights.” Those are nights when I simply have prepared nothing and everyone is expected to eat leftovers (we always have good leftovers) or prepare something on their own. And then from time to time, I tell my husband he is in charge of making dinner. His Spaghetti is his “go to meal” and for good reason. On this one night only, I promise myself to step back, bite my tongue and let him have at it.



Turkey Meatball Soup


So winter to me means comfort food and there is nothing more comforting than a big pot of homemade soup. So put down those 100 calorie per servings cans of soup and fire up the stove! This is my favorite soup recipe because it stays true to my desire to be fit and healthy. It’s packed with protein and veggies, is hearty and one pot last me all week long.

Easy Turkey Meatballs

turkey meatballs

So this sudden and welcome rain has me craving some comfort food. While Pizza comes to mind, I know that I’ll thank myself later if I can come up with a saucy alternative that is a lot more healthy. Therefore, I’ve decided to throw on a family favorite, Turkey meatballs with red sauce. They are super easy, low maintenance and are perfect in cold weather. I eat them with veggies on the side, but my family likes them over pasta. Way more healthy then spaghetti and meatballs and packed with the protein that I love. You can do a quick stove top method or pop into a crock pot for the day so you have a meal waiting for you after a long day.

Ham and Aspargus Mini Quiche Cups

egg white cups

I love egg whites! While most want the yolk, I’ve grown used to and quite fond of all whites due their incredible purity, high protein and low calories. I use them in place of whole eggs as much as possible and they are my go to food for breakfast and when I want to trim down. You can eat a lot of them without a lot of calories, what could be better? This recipe makes a yummy “quiche” without all the bad stuff. Better yet, the muffin size helps with portion control and is easy to eat.

Smokey Pork Tenderloin

pork tenderloin

All of my meals center around protein. If you want to be lean, yours should too. Chicken and turkey can grow old after a while so I’m always looking for recipes that use other forms of protein. Tenderloin is a great option because it is super lean, easy to prepare and yummy! This simple marinade is fast, smokey and versatile. Better yet, you’ll have leftovers that will make a great pork stir fry a couple days later.