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Island Pork Tenderloin

island pork tenderloin

Healthy eaters often turn to chicken as a means of satisfying their protein needs. Don’t forget about pork – the other white meat! It’s easy to prepare and goes a long way. I made this recipe last week and it was a hit the first and second time around!

Coconut Lime Chicken

Coconut lime chicken

Being a busy mom, I am constantly in search of recipes that are quick and easy, but still healthy and tasty! There is nothing I love more than make ahead marinated meals that can sit in the fridge for days if life gets in the way and thrown on the stove at the last minute for a quick and healthy meal. That is why I love this recipe! It takes 5 minutes to prep and 15 minutes to cook when you are ready. How is that for simple!

Italian Roasted Potatoes and Vegtables


As with most families, we often can’t seem to agree on what to eat. I prefer a vegetable side dish and my husband of course prefers a less figure friendly side dish such as potatoes or pasta. Since I don’t want to spend hours making multiple dishes but want to make everyone happy, I love this dish! I combine red potatoes, peppers, squash and some Italian seasonings to create a dish that is sure to make everyone happy!

Chipotle Crusted Pork Tenderloin

chipotle pork

If you are a healthy eater like me, you probably eat a lot of lean meats (unless you are vegetarian of course.) And if you are like me, that probably includes a lot of chicken. It’s the “go to protein!” Well, I don’t know about you, but I get sick of chicken. That’s why I turn to pork or other lean meats whenever possible. Port tenderloin is lean, high in protein, easy to cook and very tasty.

While it’s easy to marinade meats, they can sometimes become tasteless or high in sugar. That’s why I often turn to a good rub. This rub is truly simple, cheap and creates a lovely crust on the meat when grilling. Plus, it packs a kick because it includes one of my all time favorite spices, Chipotle Chili powder.

One Pot Skinny Tex Mex Casserole


I recently got back to playing tennis and joined a women’s league to up the challenge. Little did I know that a big part of tennis is social, meaning eating and drinking. The host team brings a meal to treat the visiting team. It’s great fun, but can wreak havoc on your waistline. In an attempt to lighten things up while still bringing something that travels well and can sit until our games are complete I found a casserole that fit the bill. I originally pinned it from pinterest, but decided to tweak it a bit to make it quicker and easier. Everyone loved it and asked me to share so here it is!

Beef with Snow Peas

beef with snow peas

In case you don’t know, I’m a huge Pioneer Women fan. While her “down home” cooking is far from mine in terms of healthy, I love all of her recipes, love her cookbooks (they are beautiful!), love her photography and love her love of family. She makes the perfect cheat meal when I want to treat my family to something special. This meal is actually very healthy and made a perfect date night meal for me and my hubby. I added a few extra veggies to mine to make it even more healthy.

Easy and Healthy Chicken Cacciatore

Chicken Caccitore

With an Italian husband, we eat a lot of “Italian inspired food.” However, as a FitChick, I stay clear of the pasta so I can stay free of unwanted calories. I love any and all chicken dishes because they are cheap, high in nutrients and family friendly. This recipe is a family favorite due to it’s easy preparation, “One Pot Wonder” power and awesome leftovers. I of course serve it with pasta because my hubby and kids can handle the pasta.

Crock Pot (Road Kill) Chicken

crock pot chicken

If you were to ask me what my favorite smallĀ  appliance is, I’d have to say a crock pot. In fact, I’veĀ  had my crock pot for almost 21 year (got it as a wedding present) and it has been used and abused and is still the best thing I own. Stained and splattered with a funky old “country” design that matches nothing I now own, I love it and use it all winter long.

With long work hours and endless obligations, there is nothing better than coming home to a house bursting with the smell of food that has been cooking all day long. It’s like a friendly welcome home from a good friend. While I have some of my tried and true crock pot favorites, I’m always looking for new recipes.

Because I’m a fugal cook, I base a lot of my menu on what is on sale to get my “biggest bang for my buck.” And since I’m a protein “junkie,” I’m especially excited when I find chicken and other lean meats on sale. When it comes to chicken, breast are my favorite due to their leanness and simplicity (no cutting etc.) However, I will not turn my nose up to a whole chicken if the price is right. I recently found beautiful whole chickens for .79 cents a pound so of course threw one in my basket.

The problem with whole chickens is if you roast them in the oven, a lot goes to waste unless you plan on using the carcass for soup (If you have that kind of time, power to you!) It is just so hard to get all that yummy meat off the bones. When you place a whole chicken in a crock pot, nothing goes to waste! Plus, it is moist (unlike the oven often) and falls off the bones so nothing goes to waste. My husband calls it “Road Kill” Chicken because when you take it out of the crock pot it collapses into a pile because it’s so moist.

Cocoa Fudge Cookies

cocoa cookies

It’s Friday night which means time for a treat. Nothing satisfies my sweet tooth more than chocolate. These little babies, satisfy my chocolate cravings without “breaking the bank” in the calories area. They take only minutes to make, are chewy and are under 80 calories each. My only complaint is that this recipe only makes two dozen cookies which can disappear in minutes around my house! Might need to double this recipe.

Healthy Banana Bread

Banana bread

My kids and hubby are crazy picky! None of them are breakfast eaters but as they’ve aged and matured have realized that they need something in the morning. Mostly breakfast entails cold cereal if they’ve left enough time (they are teenagers after all) or a quick grab and go protein shake. I’ve learned that one way to make sure they eat more is to have things on hand that they can grab and go. You will almost always find a fresh baked from scratch item on my counter for my picky eaters. This way I know what is going into their bodies, can sneak in what I want and they will always eat something. This banana bread is moist, healthy and down right yummy!