Ingredient: Salt

Fit and Fudgey banana muffins


So today was my staff Amanda’s Birthday. As with all my friends and families birthday’s I like to make a special treat to celebrate. I mean life is too short to not eat cake!! However, as a Fitness professional it’s not easy cooking for your fitness staff. As much as they enjoy a treat, they are also health conscious like myself so practice moderation whenever possible. Therefore, sometimes the task of cooking a celebratory treat can be tricky. I’m always up to the challenge.

To please everyone’s palette’s, I decided to prepare two treats. One “naughty,” and one “nice”! My staff couldn’t tell the difference. The “nice” treat was moist and yummy and super chocolaty. Not that the “naughty” one wasn’t mouthwatering, but it just goes to prove that “nice” doesn’t mean tasteless!

Cracker Chicken Strips

cracker chicken strips
If you have kids like me, you've seen your share of chicken strips. My kids are teenagers and still like a good chicken strip from time to time. The problem is, more often than not, they are packed with crap! In fact, there is only one brand "Rocky Range" chicken, sold at Costco that I feel okay about giving my kids these days. It is sustainable, organic, antibiotic free and so on - love it! However, when I have time, I prefer to make my own. One of my youngest boys favorite meals I prepare for him is my own homemade Chicken strips made with Cracker crumbs. They are a healthy, kid friendly alternative to store bought chicken strips. My son loves them because they are crunchy, I love them because I made them and know what is in them. Can you say "win, win?!"

Cinnamon Muffins

cinnamon muffins

So I have teenagers which means mornings are “fast and furious” around our house. Being boys, they want to sleep until the last possible second meaning that breakfast is either “grab and go” or doesn’t even happen. Since I’m already at work (I leave the house at 5:45 am), chances of them eating something is even less likely. My oldest loves a muffin or loaf bread because it is something that he can throw into a baggy the evening before. I of course would rather them eat something healthier, but I’m a realist after all, so rather than having them skip breakfast altogether, I make it my goal to find ways to make what they will eat just a little bit healthier. This week, my son asked to “Cinnamon Muffins.” Here is my healthier version.