Ingredient: vanilla extract

Cocoa Fudge Cookies

cocoa cookies

It’s Friday night which means time for a treat. Nothing satisfies my sweet tooth more than chocolate. These little babies, satisfy my chocolate cravings without “breaking the bank” in the calories area. They take only minutes to make, are chewy and are under 80 calories each. My only complaint is that this recipe only makes two dozen cookies which can disappear in minutes around my house! Might need to double this recipe.

Honey Nut Power Bars

honey nut bars

While there are great bars out on the market these days, I always like the idea of making my own as I know what is in them and can add different ingredients to my taste. These bars are by far one of my favorite snacks and can be altered based on what I have on hand. I often call them my “everything bar” because they have everything in them. However, I have to watch myself because they are so tasty I want to keep eating them. Just because they are healthy, doesn’t mean they are low calorie. They are perfect for kids and teens because they pack into lunches well and make a great after school or anytime snack.