Looking for a workout to challenge your whole body? Look no further than a kettle bell workout. These seemingly simple pieces of iron challenge even the most fit. While they can be a little intimidating since we are not use to “throwing” things around, with a little practice, anyone can use them. Best of all, you only need one for this fun and heart pumping workout. While this workout is highly challenging, you can tame it a bit by decreasing the reps, lightening the bell and even changing the moves if needed.

Complete 50 reps of the following Kettle Bell moves:

  • 50 alternating single arm kettle bell swings’
  • 50 kettle bell swings
  • 50 squat and press
  • 50 kettle bells cleans – 25 per arm
  • 50 kettle bell snatches – 25 per arm

Take a breather and then repeat dropping the reps to 40 each and so on!

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