So we have finally been blessed with rain. Given the desperate need for water, I welcome every drop and embrace the challenge of bringing my weekend outdoor workout inside. No excuses here! In fact, the idea of moving my coffee table aside, fighting with my dog for floor space and utilizing little, if any, equipment as the rain pounds the roof is a nice change. Here’s what I came up with today for this wonderfully wet Sunday.

I started out with the “300 Rep Challenge” posted in Men’s Health Magazine ( by my hero and fitness extraordinaire, Todd Durkin. I will use this as my warm-up (I know it’s a doozy of a warm-up, but do your best!) Time yourself doing the following. My time was 5:33. Let me know your time!

After my warm up, I completed the following circuits for 3 sets each. If you don’t have any equipment, use your creativity to come up with a modification. There is no right or wrong way when it comes to fitness. Just do your best!

Circuit #1

  • Steps ups x 15 (I used an old kids step and set of 8 lb. dumbbells to challenge myself.)
  • Reverse alternating lunge with bicep curl x 20 (Again, I used dumbbells but you can go without or grab a can of soup.)
  • Skaters x 30

Circuit # 2

  • Plank with rear fly (I used an 8 lb. dumbbell. However, this is a challenging move and is quite effective with no weight.)
  • Dumbbell shoulder press x 15 (I used 20 lb. dumbbells because I have them and this is my strong area. Use something heavy sitting around your house if you don’t own weights.)
  • V-ups Abs (I used a 10 lb. med ball to make it more challenging but these are plenty challenging with no ball.)

Remember, weather is no excuses to not get your workout in. Be creative, do your best and have fun!

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