I approach everything I do with a strategy. Blame it on my type A personality, limited time or simply my disdain for wasting time, who knows? Working out is no different. Even though I work full time in at a gym, I still have very limited time to workout. Contrary to what many people think, trainers do not workout with their clients. We have to find our own time to get our workout in just like everyone else.

Being a super busy mom with endless responsibilities, I sometimes find it hard to get a workout in. The weekends are no different. This is my only time to get my house in order, grocery shop, menu plan, write and spend quality time with my family. Therefore, when it comes to weekend workouts, I often choose a “Multitasking” workout. In other words, I combine my chores with my exercise for one powerful, get it done workout.

I know that many see cleaning house as a workout on it’s own, but I believe if that was really the case, we would all just clean our house and skip the workout altogether. This workout will leave you with a clean house, a great workout and probably a little breathless at times.

The Multitasker Workout:

I started with a 1 mile run with Bella at our local middle school followed by some extra fetching for Bella. Now she is exercised!

For the rest of my workout, I will do 1 cleaning task followed by a set of a strength move or “cardio blast.” Here’s what my circuit looked like, although you can choose whatever exercises you want.

  • 30 v-ups (I used a med ball for an extra challenge)
  • Put away clean dishes.
  • Lateral raises with dumbbells.
  • Clean kitchen counters.
  • Upright row with dumbbells.
  • Clean kitchen sink.
  • 20 jump squats.
  • Put first load of laundry in.
  • Lateral raises with dumbbells.
  • Dust downstairs.
  • 20 burpees.
  • Vacuum formal living and dining room.
  • Bent over heavy row.
  • Sort and recycle old magazines.
  • Band bicep curl – to failure.
  • 20 burpees.
  • Vacuum family room and kitchen.
  • 20 push ups.
  • Steam mop family room and kitchen.
  • Jumps squats.
  • Put second load of laundry in.
  • Clean bathroom #1.

Okay, I haven’t even gotten to upstairs and between the cleaning and my sets, I’ve worked up a sweat and my house is sparkling downstairs! So you see how multitasking can “kill two birds with one stone?” So don’t make the excuse that you don’t have time to exercise. Next time just double up and get it done! Now onto my upstairs…Feel the burn!


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