Only have a quick 30 minutes for your workout today? No problem. This fast and furious workout will burn max calories in little time. I call it the “Nifty Fifty!” I had several of my clients do it today and the best time was 20:40. Think you can beat it? Then get started! There is nothing better than a little “Friendly competition” after all. Let me know your time!

Perform 50 repetitions of the following 10 exercises as fast as your can. Time yourself and no cheating!

  • Burpees
  • Step ups (25 per leg)
  • pull ups (on assisted pull up or with band if needed)
  • push ups
  • v-ups
  • Hyper extensions
  • walking lunges (total)
  • jump squats (feet must leave the floor)
  • triceps dips off bench
  • skaters (touch the floor)

Give it your all!

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