So I know we need rain, but I’m loving this amazing weather! There is nothing more motivating then good weather, it just makes me smile. Weather like this just calls you outside to be active. On days like this, I’d be hard pressed to step inside a gym when the best gym of all is right outside my door. Plus, it gives me a chance to exercise my dog and hubby at the same time. Usually hubby watches me do my outside workout while he fetches Bella, but today I convinced him to join me in this fun outdoors circuit.

Like many newer parks, we were recently blessed with a park that not only has a beautiful playground and tennis courts, but has a cool workout circuit. Better yet, it is in walking/jogging distance from my house. This past Sunday morning, we leashed up Bella as always, laced up our tennis shoes and headed out for a morning of sweat and sun at our local park. While you may not have a park with a built in circuit, with a little imagination I’m sure you can create your own challenging circuit.

Warm up: 1 mile run around our local middle school track. After we jogged over to the park to start our “Park Course” Workout.

We completed the following circuit 3x through, resting only if needed to keep our heart rate up and burn maximum calories.


Abdominal Leg Lifts x 30

Reverse Pull ups x 20 (The lower the bar, the more challenging)

Body weight dips x to failure (If these are too advanced, do dips off of a bench)

Step up repeaters (stay on one leg for 15 and then switch legs)

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