I don’t have a lot of pet peeves, but if I were to name one of them, I’d have to say it’s people who are addicted to technology. You know who I’m talking about, heck you might be one of them. That person who has to check their phone every few minutes, talks and text while they drive, post their every move on Facebook and is endlessly taking selfies or posting to Instagram, (I still don’t know what Instagram is!) and talks on their cell phone ridiculously loud in any and all public settings. It drives me crazy!

Don’t get me wrong, I like my iPad as much as the next person and am thankful for e-mail for work and business. However, even with my more modest use, I sometimes wonder if it’s too much. I check myself often to ensure I’m keeping my use in check. I also, never talk on my phone in public places as I feel that others shouldn’t have to listen to my personal conversation, I never talk/text and drive, believe that nobody wants to know my every move on Facebook and think that selfies are just a little weird.

I’m sure I’ll offend some by this posting, but honestly is that text, phone call or status update so important that you are willing to sacrifice your kids, husband, family, friends, free time and general ability to socialize? I don’t know how many times I see moms talking on their cell phones while they ignore their little ones. Just today, while dropping my kid at the skatepark a small child almost walked out in front of my car because his mother was wrapped up in a cell phone conversation. Even as she grabbed his hand, she never put down her phone! And then there are the moms that walk ahead of their children talking away while their kids are doing who knows what behind them – pay attention!

I know I’m older than some so maybe cell phones weren’t so big when my kids were little. But I’d like to think that paying attention to my kids is and was more important than chatting away on my cell phone. Studies have shown that children that are talked to from the time they are babies (or even in the womb) grow up to be smarter and have way better communication skills. Maybe that’s why my boys won’t shut up!

As parents, we are supposed to be role models. We tell our kids not to text and drive, however, we (not me) do it constantly in front of them. When I pick up my kids from school, it’s the parents that are on their phones while driving, not the kids! What kind of message are we sending? And is it my imagination or do way too many kids these days lack communication  skills? Way too many are down right rude and disrespectful. I personally think that technology has a lot to do with it.

What is most disturbing to me is people who bring their cell phones to the gym. As a fitness director, I spend my days telling people to get off their cell phones. We have a “no cell phone” rule at our club out of courtesy for others actually trying to work out and relax. But honestly, the fact that we have to talk to so many people about this and that many have a problem when we politely ask them to refrain is downright disturbing.

It’s no surprise to me of course that those people that are on their phones at the gym are often the ones that don’t really work out (hard at least.) Working out is like sleep. If it’s disturbed, it is no good. Work outs, like sleep should be steady and have a rhythm so that you keep that metabolism humming along, kind of like sleep. Excessive rest periods and workouts don’t mix.

Most importantly, as much as the gym can and should be fun, people go their to get their “sweat on” and escape. Therefore, the last thing they want to hear is  someone yapping on their cell phone! So do yourself and others a favor and get off your phone. I promise that your workout will be 100% more effective and rewarding. Your mind and body will thank you and so will others. Your phone should never even be of a fitness floor.

While technology can be fun and useful, it can also be addictive, disruptive and unhealthy. If it is taking the place of regular communication with your kids and family, disturbing others, disrupting your regular activities and taking your precious time, then you may want to make some changes. I  personally put a limit on computer and video game use for my kids, made a “no cell phones upstairs” rule and limited my on iPad use in my family and have noticed how much more we interact.

And when it comes to workouts, if you really want to get fit, leave your technology behind. Your body and health deserves a break from frivolous conversations. And if that phone call is really that important, than at least be courtesy to take your personal phone call off the gym floor and make it quick! Put your workouts, family and friends first because at the end of the day they are really all that matters.

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